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NovaLight High-Ground Search light        $206.00

An extremely high-powered single-beam aerial effect light. Impressive zoom capabilities give the user unprecedented flexibility in a live entertainment environment. full programmable search light effect with full DMX controllable pan, tilt, colour shutter plus other standard features. Using a 2000W light source, comes with colour wheel, zoom, pan/tilt and remote lamp re-strike. Trolley mounted for rapid rigging onto a truss, or used in stand alone mode weather-resistant IP 43 rating. Motorised zoom ranges from a narrow spot at 1.8° to 20°. 5 colours plus white, rainbow effect and shutter and strobe abilities. Used both indoors and outdoors

Martin 250 Krypton                              $94.00

250 W discharge lamp, Total output up to 5000 lumens, 12 position colour wheel plus open, 7 indexable rotating gobos plus open, Motorized focus, Mechanical dimming, Interchangeable rotating prism, Strobe effect up to 14 Hz, pulse effects, instant open and blackout, Pan and tilt range of 540°/257

Coemar 250 Prospot                            $91.00

Multiple  colours + open, aerial wheel, 6 rotating gobos + open, rotating prism, Beam angle 15°, Dimmer: Mechanical strobe, synchronized, random, pulse effect, Pan 530°, Tilt 284°, 16 bit, DMX controlled or stand alone

Clay Paky Stagelight 300                     $91.00

Moving body effects projector, electronic focusing and a manual zoom lens, from 17.5 to 24 degrees. Twin lens condenser and spherical reflector, 36 colour combinations, as well as 2 filters for colour temperature correction, an ultraviolet light filter and a special blue filter. 0-100% mechanical dimmer with instantaneous beam stop , an extremely high-speed strobe with frequency 1-11 flashes per second. 6 rotating gobos having indexed positioning through 540deg, with adjustable speed two-way rotation.  

Martin MAC 300                                   $91.00

250W MSD, PAN/TILT range of 540°/289°, CMY colour mixing system, 6 replaceable colour slots, Variable Frost for Zoom Effect, Automatic Feedback System

ROBE ClubSpot 300CT                         $89.00

Powerful and reliable moving head fixture.: 250W Lamp -11 dichroic colours + white & rainbow effects, 6 rotating bi-directional indexable and replaceable gobos, 3 facet prism rotating in both directions at different speeds, Dimmer/Shutter/Strobe effect & Motorized focus , Pan: 530° Tilt: 280° & 8/16bit Pan/Tilt resolution, DMX512 operation Master/Slave & Stand Alone operation, , 15°standard beam.

Coemar CF7WZ                                   $89.00

pan 358/624° - tilt 270°, dimmer: mechanical, electronically controlled strobe/chaser/black-out: adjustable strobe flashing speed programmable chaser effect, colours: CMY colour mixing system,  5 solid colours + white.  CTO filter beam shaping device: 1 diffusion filter: diffusion lens: maximum evenness, prismatic lens: maximum diffusion (cyclorama), progressive zoom: with diffusion filter-9° - 25°     

Coemar CF1200                                      $79.00

High powered moving yoke wash light.

 36 piece, 3 watt LED moving head        $49.00

36pcs 3W high brightness LED 15 DMX channels,  Functions: sound control, automatic, master/slave, DMX 512, error correction, reset and automatic identify DMX 512 signal,  Strobe: 1~10 times/second, Dimmer: variable electronic (0 to 100%), X-axis: 540° rotation, 8-/16-bit resolution, Y-axis: 270° rotation, 8-/16-bit resolution.   

 Studio Due nano                                     $41.00

22mm lenses, medium beam (23°)

Pan: 350° (1,5 sec. - 16 bit),Tilt: 243° (1,1 sec. - 16 bit), Standard interface: RS-485;opto-couplet input,: USITT DMX 512,Internal preset with master/slave function


High End Ecodome weather housing for moving head        $33.00

$41.00 inc. tax

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